Are you excited for Lucinda and Murphy? Let them know by posting here with your congratulations message.

Dan Matthias

I love your story! I'm Dan Matthias and I'm casting a promo for the brain health organization and we're looking for 60 to 70's years old active seniors who are not letting their age slow them down. They want to blaze their own trails and live life to the fullest. They are full of character and have an interesting story about what they do to make the most of their age. Perhaps they learned something new later on in life, which has sparked a new passion, or perhaps they do some new activity to stay mentally or psychically fit! Does this sound like something you'd like to be a part of? You get to share your story and what makes you unique, as well as be considered for the national ad campaign. What I need from you: 15-20 minutes Skype with me (Dan). Thank you, let me know if you have any questions and I look


Your story is truly inspiring. I don't know you personally but your story has indeed inspired all of us at LoveWeddingsNG. Thank you for sharing your story with the world and please keep reminding everyone that its never ever too late.

Anna Anglin


Anna Anglin

Your story is an inspiration to me, I too am hoping to find true, Godly christian love and with your story, it has given me hope and the conviction that one day I will find the right man God has for me. I'm all teary eyed.

Aundra Mattox (formerly Wimbish)

Murphy. Saw you both on Yahoo and I yelled YAHOO!! I am so happy that you have found each other. I know God will bless your union beyond imagination. May God continue to do amazing and wonderful things in your life. Aundra (Inspirational Choir member from the late 80's-90's)


Thank you so much for sharing your Love story, prayer persistence and encouragement with all of us(all of us means the entire world,i'm from Kenya,Africa). May the good Lord Shine his Light Upon you,May his Love and Mercy be you everyday cup of Tea. May you Live to enjoy the company of each other to the fullest. I'm Glad i met you,the Article has really encouraged me. Ps. Lucinda you are Amazingly beautiful,and your hair is Admirable.

Essex & Sharon Wilson

What a beautiful love story! we are so happy that you have found love! Love has no age. What an amazing gift from God!

Dottie Austin Theriault

So very happy for you both. God has blessed you and will continue to bless your life together. Oh the JOY you have already shared, and will continue to share. Much love to you both. GBA 1964 friend forever.

Stephen Foster

Congratulations Lucinda and Murphy, I am so happy for you for your having found each other; and for your finding a new lease on the abundant life that Jesus came to give to all of us. You two are an inspiration to me, among many others. Murphy, I thank you for the counsel and support that you have provided to me before and since my own wife’s passing. God is good and has especially rewarded the faith in Him that both of you have displayed in the time that led up to your finding one another. May He continue to richly bless your lives; as you continue to be a blessing to others. Much love to y’all! Stephen Foster

Richard and Mildred Long

Congratulations "Murphy" and Lucinda on your up-coming wedding. We are very happy for you both, and pray that God's Blessings will be with you on your special day, and the new life that you will share together. Unfortunately, we are out of town and will not be able to attend the ceremony, but we wish for you the very best, and look forward to seeing you soon in your new role's as "Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland and Lucinda Wilson!"

Anita Jackson-McCrary

I am so happy for you guys! God, again, amazes us with His hand on the lives of His children. The love I see in the photos make me smile! Live, laugh and love through the power of God. I pray for an abundance of happiness for you. SMOOCHEZ!!

Lady South

🎊Congratulations to the both of you.🎊 May the Lord cover your marriage with his choice blessings. And may his sustaining grace,peace,love & abundance of joy & laughter forever embrace your journey together as husband & wife. God's blessings to you both You are both an inspiration & example of the Lord's unconditional love & hope💞💝💞

The Locketts

With all sincerity of heart, we truly share in your happiness and new found love for one another. With God all things are possible and it is never too late for His blessings to permeate the lives of His children. May God continue to overflow your union with His mercy, peace, favor and unconditional love. Thank you both for being a testimony to the goodness of God, for He does indeed have plans to prosper and to give us the desires of our hearts. We are eager to be in attendance for the wedding. Much love to you both! Live well!

Gerald Ford

Murph, So happy for you. Wish I could be there. All the best to you. Be happy!

Shontrice Rean

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You two have given us all hope that true love is possible after losing a loved one and divorce. For I too was a woman in waiting for some years (16.5 to be exact) after divorce. Last year God has Blessed me with His gift in a future Husband. I know it was God who brought us together. One day you may be reading about our love story! Be Blessed and may God continue to Bless your union!

Wednesday F. - Atlanta, Ga

May God's favor and continued blessings reign forever in your union. Congratulations on finding love again! Your story has reasonated in my life. We ALL deserve, WOW! Thank you for sharing your story with the world. WednesdayF Atlanta, Ga

Sonya Weaver

To a beautiful couple!! I have read your story via Facebook from a local station (channel 5's Facebook page) in Atlanta, GA, and I pray that you two continue to be everything that you both have missed and needed and wanted. Never say never to certain things and finding love later in life is proof through the both of your wonderful story that, just maybe, if a person holds on long enough, their love will come to them as well. Many blessings for a beautiful union and a very happy life together! Best, Sonya Weaver East Point, GA.

Myron L R

Mr. and Mrs. Williams Congratulations on your New Life's , I will not be able to attend the wedding but most definitely if you need anything let me know ❤️❤️


Best wishes to you! I am very excited for you and inspired by your story. God bless! ~Erica

Karen Thomas

Congratulations Murphy and Lucinda! Your love ❤️ is contagious = viral! Gina shared the good news with me. Looking forward to your wedding! God bless!

Judy B Chiles-Dent

My Brother and Soon to Be Sister, Words cannot express my joy, down right giddy joy for the two you! I can't stop smiling! Every moment of bliss the two of you experience is God ordained! I can speak for Joe and me! Your journey will be sweet and innocent as long as you laugh, giggle, talk, listen and allow our awesome Jesus to see Himself in you both! Love is sweet! I wish I could be there! Will see you in December. Judy B.

Claudia Graham

Thank you both for sharing your story! It is truly inspirational. Whenever doubt and fear starts to creep in my mind about spending my later years alone (which would mirror my earlier years of one bad decision after another), I can reflect on your story and know that I'm not in control of this. In retrospect, perhaps that has always been the problem. Let God take the wheel. Many blessings!!!


Congratulations on your beautiful story and the new journey you two are about to embark upon. Love is in the air.....


Your story gives me hope. I am very happy for you both and I am glad God did let you down and answered your prayers. May God bless your beautiful Hearts and union. I am a christian single mom of one and hoping to God for someone whose heart is large enough for two to spend life with. Please if any Christian man out there 34yrs and above would like to talk to me, my bb pin is 79b20842. Thanks.

Tobechukwu Udeigbo

I love your LOVE story and wish you absolute bliss, laughter, joy and happiness. May God bless you!!!!!!

Rose Smith

Congratulations and blessings to you both! Your photos detail your testament of faith and love. Thanks for sharing your love with the world.


I hope you two have a wonderful life together. You look like a perfect fit!

Juliet Sowell

CONGRATULATIONS! Your LOVE STORY gave me all kinds of warm and cozy feeeeeels😍🤣❤️❤️👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🔥👑👑

Amy Cooper Sharpe

Congratulations! The love we see in you two through these photos must be more powerful in person. What a great thing to have. We wish you many blessings.

Margo Buisson

Your story reminds me of my Dad's story with his second love. My Dad was lost for a while when his bride of almost 40 years, my Mom, passed away. He married again at the age of 80. After "she said, yes!" he had me bring him shopping for new socks, new underwear, a new suit, and a new set of teeth! Your story brought back so many lovely memories of that time with my Dad. The smiles, giggles, and outright laughter that he and his new bride shared during their 11 years together are precious to me. I am thankful that my Dad found love again. They, too, believed that God had brought them together. I pray God's blessings on you for the rest of your time together. May you have years of love, smiles, giggles and laughter galore!

Curtis and Paula Eakins

Curtis and I are so very happy for you both. We pray that with His leading your marriage will be full of wonderful memories like the wonderful ones that Curtis and I share daily. So sorry we will not be able to attend the wedding however, we will get together later. All our love Paula & Curtis

Vincent Myers


The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.